Ministry, in its simplest and most basic form, means reaching out to meet another’s need — the need for love, the need for hope, and the need to know ... and experience the God of Creation.  As an organization that proclaims and practices the Gospel, the Malabar Mission Society sets its eye on the needs of the people of Southwest India — men and women, children and families ... of Malabar, Kerala, and Anantapur.  

As modern-day "disciples" and "apostles", we are called to follow in the Walk and Way of Jesus:  to reach-out to one another with caring and compassionate hands;  to help, and love, those who are searching for wholeness — for the acceptance and healing of Jesus;  to demonstrate ‘neighbourly love’ to people who are strangers, or foreigners — people who are 'different from us';  and to share a vision, and message, that transforms the lives of others, and ourselves.

Rev. Dr. Roland Miller, the founder of the Malabar Mission Society, writes in his book ‘Muslim Friends: Their Faith and Feeling'

The ultimate truth is not that Christians are sent to Muslims to do the impossible or even to achieve the possible, but rather to align themselves with the saving will of God and to commit themselves to the well-being of those whom God loves.  What Christians as friends desire for Muslims is nothing more or less than that which they desire for themselves — that they may live in and leave this world in the full awareness of the deep friendship of God."   


For the volunteers and supporters of the Malabar Mission Society, the primary motivation behind all that we do is discipleship and partnership:  to be partners with Gospel Workers, Catechists, Evangelists and Pastors of the Malabar region;  to be partners with hospital workers and educational staff in Malappuram and Wandoor;  partners with seminary students in Gurukul and Nagercoil and with Reading Room instructors in Kannur;  and partners with Muslims, Hindus and Christians — throughout India — who yearn to know the Love and Compassion of God.

Rev. Miller frequently reminds us of an old Arab proverb that he loves to quote: "What comes from the lips reaches the lips; what comes from the heart reaches the heart!"  As you journey with us in our mission outreach — our connection and our friendship with the people of the Malabar region — may you also share in discovering the passion, the will, and the desire that all of us have come to know as we walk together in the Way of Jesus:  together, may we come to appreciate, and embrace... that vision and desire of our Lord: 

....that the human heart may always be turned in the direction of God!


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