NOW AVAILABLE – The Story of the MMS, Vol.1 and Vol.2


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a second volume in the history of the Malabar Mission Society. In addition to Vol.1 - The Story of the Malabar Mission Society: Two Decades of Service, written by Dr. Roland Miller, Rev. Carlton Riemer, MMS Project Officer from 2011 - 2016, has written a second volume to the MMS story titled: The Malabar Mission Society 2011 - 2016.   In the words of our President, Rev. Howard Ulmer: “[Both books] reveal a history of God’s love in action in India and in North America.  Dr. Roland Miller and Rev. Carlton Riemer have told the story of Malabar, its development and remarkable growth during the last twenty five years.  The Pastors, Catechists and Gospel Workers continue to share the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ to the people in India.  God has blessed their courageous and bold witness to Hindus and Muslims in their communities.”

Printed below is a short excerpt from one sub-chapter of Vol.1 of the book – it is titled ‘2001 Key Events: Two Major Gifts Open A Mission Door’.

Emil Brunner once said: "The church exists by mission as fire by burning."  No burning, no fire. No mission, no church.

A mission society may also become dead coals if it becomes a status quo agency. This is particularly true for a society like the MMS that supports others. If the "others" let up, the Society's flame flickers. A partial answer to the cooling dangers inherent in regular supplemental support is new outreach. That is equally important for the Gospel workers in Malabar and for the MMS. For the Gospel workers new work reinforces their sense of mission and energizes their local outreach. For the MMS it prevents the dampening of spiritual fire by the drizzle of routine. More important, for those who do not know Christ it may open the door to salvation and hope. But new work requires resources.

God provided a resource for new work when the Naduvil outreach was started through the generosity of Trinity Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN. The possibility for new work was fanned into flame again by the largest single gift from an individual in the history of the MMS. That was a $21,430.49 testament from the estate of Mrs. Helen Thomas in Killarney, B.C. Rev. Carl Borchardt was an instrumental figure in the grant. Immediate thought was given to the enlarging of our mission in North Malabar, and it was agreed that at least half the amount would be set aside for such development. The city of Kannur was prominent in the discussions. The Project Officer was encouraged to initiate a preliminary investigation.

Further cause for rejoicing came with the announcement of a second large gift, this time a generous donation of $10,000 from a senior retired pastor, Rev. Carl Beiderwieden, resident in British Columbia. For a retired pastor the amount represents an extraordinary commitment. The full amount of this gift together with half of the donation from Mrs. Thomas now placed a new mission project within reach. "And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent?" (Rom. 10:15). Rev. Beiderwieden and Mrs. Thomas were enabling a new sending.


Please contact the Malabar Mission Society for a copy of either/both of these remarkable books. A donation of $10 will assist with the cost of printing the history book.  THANK YOU again for your continuing prayers and support for the many faithful Gospel workers in Malabar.




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